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Why Old School Concrete Pools are Best

5 Reasons why it’s time to invest in your own concrete pool.

Dreaming of diving into your very own pool filled with cool, refreshing crystal clear water? If so, then the pool professionals suggest you dream of nothing other than a concrete pool. Why? Aside from the fact that these pools are durable and offer a lifetime of use, you can have any design and shape you desire. Here are a few other reasons why a concrete pool is the way to go:

Limitless designs

The sky’s the limit when designing a concrete pool. Unlike pools made from other materials which come pre-fabricated in standard moulds, concrete offers limitless freedom to create different sizes and shapes. Your dream of a wide Superman symbol styled pool is now possible, and if you’re a Batman fan, talk to us, we’ll see what we can do. But yes, a superhero pool is possible.

The versatility of concrete is obvious, not only can it be used to construct large-scale pools;  but you can opt for a spa, plunge, lap or courtyard pool if you want. These simple additions to your landscape will increase the value of your home and your appreciation for summer There’s a reason why concrete is still the respected principal of pools.

Go large, or go to the beach

Bigger is better, and concrete allows you to create a mammoth moat around your home, if you prefer. Go as deep as you like and then install a diving board, or make the pool as long as you want and swim Olympic-size laps. Whatever the scale of your pool, concrete is up to the task.


Concrete is the Hulk of pool materials because of its immense strength. It’s impact resistant and does not have a vinyl lining, which can tear and cause leaks. Concrete pools are created with a framework of steel reinforced rods, which is the skeleton around which the wet concrete and marble sand dries and hardens, creating a super strength form.

Getting excited yet? You should be. You’re about to have Thor – in the shape of a concrete pool – move into your back garden.


You’re not pressed to make a decision while pool shopping because a concrete pool is designed and built on-site; unlike fibreglass pools, which need to be set in place with a crane. Concrete is a pleasure to work with, and many homeowners have explained how they were free to change the shape and size of the pool to suit their landscape, on the spot.


Old school products were designed and built to last; cases in point – 1950s vintage cars, refrigerators, and the Jones’ concrete pool. Gunite pools are still constructed in the same manner, and the installation and the infill remain the same. Concrete pools are built to last and far outlive their pool counterparts made from other materials.

There is no longer any need for you to hang over the Jones’ wall and stare at them while they splash around in their heart-shaped splash pool. It’s time to invest in your own.

A1 Pools has extensive experience with concrete pools and has designed and installed these sought-after status symbols in many homes.

Get in touch today and find out more about when you can have your new concrete pool installed, all ready for summer.

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