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Pool Features

See a Wide Array of Styles and Pool Designs

Concrete pools can be designed to suit every person’s need.


Some want deep pools while many want to be able to stand in all parts of the pool. For example the shape and depth of the pool floor can be designed to suit children, athletes and even dogs.

If you wish to play ball games then having shallow ends may be more suitable than a tradition deep and shallow end. Small children and even adults with a glass of wine may enjoy a shallow ledge or shallow play area. Our popular Lap pools are often only 1.4m deep all over to suit aqua fitness and walking therapy.

Diving bowls created by having approximately one third of the pool deep, one third sloping up to one third shallow is a popular option. Concrete pools are very strong.

The pool wall can be designed to act as a retaining wall and save you money on retaining. We have many pools where the pool wall is designed by our Engineer to be strong enough to provide a footing for the house and actually supports the house wall.