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Does a swimming pool add value to a home?

Discover if a swimming pool offers more than a break from the summer heat

You can be forgiven if the first thing that comes to mind when you think about swimming pools is endless summers of fun and pool parties. However, a swimming pool can offer much more than a seasonal getaway. Read our blog to find out if and how a swimming pool can add value to your home.

The type of swimming pool you opt for can have a significant standing on the value it adds, with aesthetics, functionality and maintenance all being major factors. Build it right and a pool will add value to your home, both financially and experientially:

Hosting and hospitality

You may have spent countless hours planning, and a hefty amount of money renovating your house; getting the interior designed by experts and kitting it out with air conditioning that makes it comfortable regardless of the season. But, does your outdoor space complement the effort you have used on your interior? Does it offer a welcoming environment for you to host guests? A concrete pool designed to your specifications gives you the ability to create an outdoor area that complements both the interior and exterior of your home. During summer, your family and friends can enjoy the comfort and style of your home, and then step outside and gush over the equally stylish garden and pool area.

Rest and relaxation

Your pool doesn’t need to be a social hub for your family and friends, it can also be a quiet space for some much-needed rest. Complemented with a stylish water feature, a swimming pool can set the stage for a beautiful sanctuary, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors during summer as much as you do the indoors during the cooler months.

Think out the box

Concrete pools are a blank canvas as far as creative expression is concerned. They offer unmatched flexibility in design, allowing you to have it customised to the size, shape and depth of your choosing. Essentially, if you can envision your pool, the right contractors will bring it to life.

Resale value  

What was once considered an addition reserved for the wealthy, a swimming pool can now be an affordable investment that adds to value your home. The need for maintenance is a minor obstacle to overcome, especially if you have access to expert advice. If neighbouring residents have pools, your property with a concrete pool will only reflect well for the resale of a house. Conversely, a house will struggle to fetch a high resale value on the market if it does not have a swimming pool like its surrounding counterparts.

A concrete pool is the most popular choice because of the durability, strength and longevity it offers. Furthermore, any replacements or repairs are easily carried out on concrete pools offsetting the initial payment.

A1 Pools is on a mission to make sure that Perth residents far and wide can cool off in summer in a stunning swimming pool that complements their home, suits their lifestyle and their budget.

We can custom build a pool for you or renovate your existing one. If you need professional assistance or advice, get in touch with us.

The right swimming pool can be an investment. A1 Pools is a team of qualified professionals with vast experience in building and renovating concrete pools. Contact us today and let us help you add value to your home.

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