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Concrete pool renovations

A new swimming pool will add value to your home and improve your life at the same time.

As designers and builders of concrete pools in Perth, our mission is to make sure you get to cool off in summer in a stunning swimming pool that complements your home, suits your lifestyle and fits your budget. Of course the desirability and resale value of your home will also increase.

At A1 Pools, we create custom concrete pools and we can perform concrete pool renovations to your current pool.

There are many advantages to using concrete to build your pool. The main one is that your pool can be custom built into any shape or depth that you require and can be built to suit any area and space in your home. Concrete pools can also be finished with a variety of surfaces enabling you to custom select the style that best suits your taste.

Concrete pools are easily the most popular choice of pool because of their durability, strength and ability to be custom built into any shape you want. They can withstand severe weather conditions and are attractive, especially when designed to fit into your existing home style.

The pool walls we build are a minimum of 150mm thick and are built with the added reinforcement of 12mm steel rods.

Because of the strength of concrete, the finished shell can be left empty, which is often an advantage when the pool is being built before any other construction has begun.

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Pool Renovations

If you have an existing pool and require concrete pool renovations, we can fix up and renovate your pool to such an extent that it will seem brand new.

Add some new landscaping features and your entire yard will be transformed.Whether you want your pool redone or enlarged, or even made smaller to increase your garden size, we can do that too.

We use only high-quality materials for pool renovations in Perth. Sometimes by simply renovating with a quality plaster finish you can change the entire look of your pool. Cool off in style with our quality renovations.


Pool Design

The beauty of concrete is the flexibility to design any shape and size pool you want.

Unlike precast pools, which come in specific shapes, we can supply you with a concrete pool design to suit your yard, or indoor area if that’s what you want.

We use a variety of finishes to make your pool blend in with its surroundings and act as a unique design feature in your home. The initial design will be made to suit your specific space.

Our designers will come to your home to view the setting and come back to you with some design ideas. Sign off on the design, get the relevant permission, and get ready for summer.

The A1 Pools Experience

The Steps We Take to construct your Concrete Pool

1. Excavation

2. Forming

3. Steel Reinforcing

4. Concrete Shell

5. Plumbing

6. Backfill & Compacting

7. Header & Tiles

8. Interior, Equipment & Handover

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