Small courtyard pools Perth

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Small courtyard pools

Another option for your home, if you have limited space, is a courtyard pool.

Not quite a plunge pool and not a lap pool either, courtyard pools are popular in Perth because of their smaller size and their ability to fit into smaller spaces. Their small size makes them ideal for jet systems and allows you to add in seating and ledges. This makes them safer for kids and makes for great entertaining around and in the pool.

Courtyard pool designs generally come with a flat bottom style, meaning they can fit into most small spaces. Their small size means they are low maintenance, with all the benefits of a larger pool. Because we build all our small courtyard pools with concrete, they come with a high degree of functionality and are exceptionally durable, built to last you a life time. When it comes to enjoying a pool without the stress of looking after it too much, our low maintenance courtyard pools are perfect.

If you want a pool that is also functional in winter, we can install a jet system for you. This means you not only get to cool down in summer, but you also get to relax in a hot spa during winter. We can also install a heating system, without the jets to make sure your pool is used all year round.

While courtyard pools are often built onto a home that has been standing for a while, they add tremendous real estate value to your home, as well as value to your lifestyle. By adding in features, like a fountain, surrounding plants and underwater lights, your pool can become a centre piece for your home. While courtyard pools are small, they can also be fairly deep, up to 1.65m sometimes, and contain all the regular equipment of a normal pool, including a pump and filtration system. They can be designed in a classic manner, like a Roman pool, or be ultra-modern, depending on the style of you home.

Most courtyard pools are installed as inground pools, especially the concrete ones. They can be finished with tiling or a special coating, which come in a range of colours. You can go traditional or go wild, it’s your call. Alternatively, call in an artist and get a mural painted on your pool floor.

Of course if you decide to heat your pool, prepare yourself to entertain all year round, everyone loves swimming in a hot pool in winter, almost as much as they love cooling down in a cool pool in summer.

Contact us for a small courtyard pool that is functional and cost effective, with very low maintenance.