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As a family-owned business with more than 35 years’ experience in building pools for clients, we pride ourselves on providing you with spa pools that suit you and your home to perfection. When it comes to building spa pools in Perth we consider ourselves experts, having built hundreds of inground spas and concrete spas for a myriad of satisfied clients.

We work with home owners to come up with a suitable solution, both for your specific space and budget. By offering a complete range of custom made spas and swimming pools for any requirement, we are able to satisfy the most complex request. While we provide high-quality concrete spas, we don’t compromise on aesthetics, making sure your pool fits into your landscape or home style and making sure it’s a practical feature, adding value to your home and lifestyle.

We also use only the best filtration and equipment, and offer continued dedication to quality and service. We also provide back-up service for any problems that might arise.

Spa pools are great for a warm jet system swim in winter and for a cooling swim in summer when you keep the water temperature down. If you are building a new home, we are happy to work with the owner, landscaper, architect or builder to achieve a finished product that fits perfectly into your home or holiday resort.

All products are manufactured individually by hand, allowing us to monitor the quality of the construction process. This eliminates factory production costs and means we can pass on the savings to you. Our spa shells are made of the finest quality Aquaguard gel coats and Vinyl Ester Resins; being fibreglass, this makes our spas extremely durable.

Our spas come with the highest quality jets on the market and are strengthened to afford extra durability. These jets provide amazing therapeutic benefits, helping to relieve stress after a tough day at the office, or tiredness and sore muscles after a long workout. A good home-spa session will also help you get a good night’s sleep.

With knowledgeable and experienced staff we are able to offer a complete range of spa and pool building services, including design and construction and renovation of existing pools.

With our extensive experience in the industry, we are well positioned to recommend the best pool or spa to suit your needs. All spa pools come with a ten year structural warranty and a one year warranty on plaster. All pools are built to Australian standards and engineer’s specifications.

Contact us today to start planning a spa for your home.